Klaus Gertken Trio, Insen


Release Date: 09/15/1993

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Album Description

Insen, the second CD of the Klaus Gertken Trio, recorded in 1992/93 with high-end audio engineering and a Bösendorfer grand piano in a Berlin backyard studio, was recently rediscovered in Japan where it reached astonishing sales figures. Played in the style of the 90s, Insen includes a.o. jazz standards and two improvisations on themes of the classical music In the meantime Klaus Gertken has also made a name for himself as author of a worldwide published keyboard school.

Album Tracks

1. Beautiful Love (Victor Young) 4:19 2. April Joy (Pat Metheny) 3:26 3. Elm (Richard Beirach) 5:31 4. Pooh's Corner (Klaus Gertken) 5:56 5. Sylvia (Klaus Gertken) 3:44 6. Insen (Klaus Gertken) 6:20 7. Greenhouse (Klaus Gertken) 3:48 8. Cry Me A River (Alexander Hamilton) 5:36 9. Meditation (Gertken, Moritz, Schmelzer) 6:32