Klaus Gertken Trio, Someone Blind


Release Date: 10/01/1992

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Album Description

„Someone blind“, the first CD of the Klaus Gertken Trio, recorded in 1992 with high-end audio engineering and a Bösendorfer grand piano in a Berlin backyard studio, was recently rediscovered in Japan where it reached astonishing sales figures.
Written in the style of the 90s, „Someone blind“ only includes original compositions by Klaus Gertken, who in the meantime has also made a name for himself as author of a worldwide published keyboard school.
At that time, the CD was highly praised in the media and compared with productions of Keith Jarrett, Rainer Brüninghaus and early CDs from Pat-Metheny and Eberhard Weber. Due to high demand – Re-Release of the Original- CD from 1992.

Album Tracks

1. Circle Of Sighs 3:57 2. Bohuslan 3:43 3. Pleasure Ground 5:09 4. Heffalump 2:50 5. Blaue Stunde 3:32 6. Sonnenlicht/Mondlicht 5:11 7. Winter Romance 7:22 8. Schwäne (Piano solo) 1:52 9. Richie 3:58 10. Movin' Memories 4:08 11. Prelude (Drum solo) 0:50 12. Someone Blind ● 5:38